Expert Service

Even if you have all the latest equipment in the world, you’ll still come up short without the right fit and maintenance. Make it all perfect and get the most out of your winter fun. Valleywood’s experienced, in-store  pros treat you like the king of the hill.

What is a tune up?

A good tune on your skis or board is essential for maximum performance on slope. A tune up includes base repair, stone grind and structure of the base to ensure flatness to improve the glide and pivot capabilities of the skis or board. In addition the edges are sharpened and beveled to specifications or otherwise requested with a Winterstieger Trim 71 ceramic cup grinder. Finally the skis are hand waxed using a high quality digital iron, above average wax and hand brushed with a series of brushes to once again improve the glide. This method is more labor intensive but we prefer to do the work and pass along the best quality wax job to our customers to once again improve your experience and protect your skis or boards.

Why do I need a tune up?

A good tune on your skis and snowboards will allow for optimal edge grip on harder packed snow conditions. A tuned and waxed ski or snowboard will glide better and pivot better to allow for better control.  A “dry” or unwaxed base can be abrasive, not allowing the skis or board to turn as easily.

Standard Ski & Snowboard Tune-Up

  • Base Repair
  • Stone Grind / Structure Base
  • Edge Sharpening
  • Iron on wax
  • Binding Clean & Lube

Junior Ski Tune-Up

  • (140cm & Under)
  • Base Repair
  • Stone Grind / Structure Base
  • Edge Sharpening
  • Iron on wax
  • Binding Clean & Lube

Performance Ski & Snowboard Tune-Up

  • Matched Hand Edge Beveling to Customer Spec
  • Base Repair & Flattening
  • Stone Grind & Structure
  • Edge Polishing
  • Base Prep Wax
  • Hand Brushing
  • Hot Box Wax

At Valleywood it’s not just wax on wax off.

We take pride in the work we do in the back shop. Only high quality digital irons and Swix F4 wax is used in our intensive hot wax application. We prefer to pass along to our customers a higher quality wax to improve your on snow experience over a wider variety of snow conditions.

Each ski/board is hand brushed with a series of wax brushes to improve the glide and ensure uniform wax application.

Valleywood also offers a premium wax application via the use of a “Hot Box”. Using this method of waxing achieves deeper wax penetration into the base. It is a multiple step wax process using two base preparation waxes to condition the ski/snowboard base followed up by a wax designed to harden the base for better protection against abrasive snow conditions.

Valleywood offers binding installation and service of Alpine, Nordic, Tech and Snowboard bindings.

Our staff has years of boot fitting experience to help you get the right fit and right boot for your needs.

We offer custom boot fitting, shell stretching/manipulation to accommodate wide feet or abnormalities to your foot to improve comfort and performance.

  • Buckle repair
  • Boot sole replacements where applicable
  • Custom or pre-formed orthotics
  • Heat molding of Intuition and standard thermo formable ski and snowboard liners.
  • Boot heater sales and installation from Hotronics to keep your feet warm and comfortable.
  • General trouble shooting for boot problems or to improve fit and performance.
  • Performance boot fit guarantee for all boots purchased at Valleywood Ski & Snowboard Shop.

(Most custom boot fitting session will require an appointment.  Please call for details and to make a appointment)

Binding mounting/Remount     $65.00*

Adjust Bindings                          $40.00

System Test                                 $20.00

Hot Wax                                       $25.00

Sharpen/Bevel Edges                 $20.00

Sharpen and Wax                        $35.00

Boot work                                    $50.00/hr ($10 minimum)**

If binding or boot is purchased at Valleywood the mounting and/or adjustment is 50% off

** All boot work of boots purchased at Valleywood is free